Samsung phones block WiFi IPv6 when sleeping, delayed notifications

Doug Barton dougb at
Sat Jun 13 23:06:18 CEST 2015

On 6/12/15 1:11 AM, Lorenzo Colitti wrote:
 >> Ole said:
>>     do we agree that a host that wakes up and has expired its last
>>     default router should restart router discovery?

In my mind this makes a lot of sense.

> That's not necessary. For things to work well a host needs to be able to
> maintain connectivity even when asleep. So it needs to be able to
> receive unicast packets,


> and it needs to process RAs

The problem is that due to the design of the protocol "processing RAs" 
(Note, you did not specify unicast or multicast) is a known battery 
drainer. So it's awesome to say that wireless devices operating on a 
battery should simply stick to the protocol that was designed 15+ years 
ago when it was almost universally true that every networked device was 
connected to power and a LAN cable. But the world has moved on.

> (e.g., so it can
> know that it has lost connectivity when it receives an RA with a default
> lifetime of 0).

The device should know if it loses connectivity if it actually, you 
know, loses connectivity. If the router hasn't expired yet it should be 
able to use it. The scenario you describe should be incredibly rare.


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