SV: Samsung phones block WiFi IPv6 when sleeping, delayed notifications

Benedikt Stockebrand bs at
Thu Jun 11 11:56:45 CEST 2015

Hi folks,

I can't give you a decisive reference for where it's defined, but the
default maximum interval is 600 seconds and the minimum interval is one
third of that (200 seconds, not 180).  The 1800s value may be a
misinterpretation of the router lifetime field in the RAs, which has a
default value of 1800.

And yes, you can tweak these values at least on the implementations I
tested about ten years ago.

As far as tweaking these values to deal with some sleepy devices is
concerned: I'd personally prefer to consider these devices broken; they
should at least send an RS when they wake up and ensure their
configuration is still up to date.



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