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On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 8:03 AM, Dominik Bay <db at rrbone.net> wrote:

> On 06/04/2015 04:00 PM, Yannis Nikolopoulos wrote:
> > On 06/04/2015 01:08 PM, michalis.bersimis at hq.cyta.gr wrote:
> >>> From our side we have seen lots of IPv4 traffic from sources
> >>> originated from AS15169 (UDP port 443) .We are using netflow to
> >>> identify the traffic.
> >
> > You're right,
> >
> > We can also see the relevant IPv4/IPv6 traffic via Netflow, as it enters
> > our network, It's just weird that we don't see logs for the denied
> > matched IPv4 packets further down the network, as we do for IPv6...
> Why are you blocking QUIC traffic anyway?
> -dominik

This is an IPv6 list, and there is no reason to block quic on IPv6.

But, i definitely rate limit UDP ipv4 since that vast majority of UDP is
DDoS traffic... I have suggested to the QUIC folks to use a new protocol
number so they are not guilty by association with other UDP service... but
they think broken CPE are a bigger problem.  I think DDoS from UDP (NTP,
DNS, SSDP, CHARGEN, SNMP ...) is a bigger problem....

I guess Google will just have to deal with QUIC not working on IPv4 in my
network.  Or they can use a new L4 protocol number and use the proven fall
back strategy they already have with TCP to apply here as well...

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