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Andre Grueneberg list.ipv6ops at grueneberg.de
Sun Jan 4 00:19:25 CET 2015

Thomas Schäfer wrote:
> I can't reach www.ipv6.bt.com from DTAG 
> (2003:63:242d:2c00:beae:c5ff:feb5:2088 and 
> 2a01:598:ffff:815b:da31:a7bc:667e:1438)

I can confirm that our AS3320 transit doesn't show the route.

$ dig www.ipv6.bt.com AAAA +short
$ whois 2a00:1a48::/32
inet6num:       2a00:1a48::/32

-> no route6 object in RIPE, but there is one in RADB. You might want to
ask AS15395 to create a proper route6 in the RIPE DB as well. Or you
could ask DTAG to adapt their filter creation to include more sources.

In case you don't find an understanding contact at AS3320, I might open
a ticket with them on monday.

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