Why do we still need IPv4 when we are migrating to IPv6...

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>> >What does "IPv4 traffic lowers to...10%" mean here?
>> >
>> >Is this 10% meant to suggest that you'll wait until 90% of the
>> >Internet has IPv6, or when the average dualstack user's traffic mix
>> >will reach 90% IPv6 to 10% IPv4?
>> The latter, apologies for being unclear... :)
> Actually, why not wait until 99.99% of the average dualstack user's
> traffic mix is IPv6? You seem on track to do that. :-P

This is called a free rider by economist.

< deleted Long  rant was here , lots of hate>

And of course, this is a network, and subject to Metcalf's law, so lack of
deployment actively hurts all those who have made the investment in ipv6.

Simply: buying ipv4 not only feeds the global "digital divide", it actively
hurts those that are trying to make a more inclusive global end-to-end
internet.  Users dont know or care about ipv4. Great businesses dont make
decision on narrow near term shallow business cases.

 business cases are just one of many tools.

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