Question: connect to IPv6 site via http proxy using literal IPv6 address?

Schmoll, Carsten carsten.schmoll at
Mon Feb 16 18:40:25 CET 2015

Dear IPv6 experts,

what is your experience with a situation such as this:

	*  IPv4-only client in IPv4-only subnet running a web browser
	*  this client accesses the Internet via a local HTTP proxy, connects to it via IPv4 (of course)
	*  the Proxy is dual-stack "on the outside", i.e. can talk v4 and v6 towards the Internet

What happens if the user on the client tries to open a web site with a literal IPv6 address in the URI?
Will the URI still get passed to the http proxy "as is" as it would happen with URIs that contain a host name?
Or can/will the client's browser get into trouble in this situation (seeing an IPv6 address, but not having IPv6 itself)?

Thanks for enlightenment

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