Why do we still need IPv4 when we are migrating to IPv6...

Tore Anderson tore at fud.no
Thu Feb 12 14:09:57 CET 2015

* Thomas Schäfer

> This might be so in Norway. In German customer portals the gamers
> mostly demand ipv4 (public ipv4 address to their home) instead of
> DS-Lite. They have already native IPv6 but avm was forced to allow
> "teredo" over DS and DS-lite - because xbox has problems with native
> IPv6.

IIRC this was for communication between a dual-stacked XB1 and an
IPv4-only XB1. It's impossible to use IPv6 for that, because IPv4 is
the lowest common denominator. The XB1 is simply using Teredo to tunnel
P2P traffic over IPv4.

Is there any known problems related to IPv6 communication between two
XB1s that both have native IPv6 access?

> > Anyway, this is how it is *today* for the XB1, and I've been told
> > that IPv6 support for the PS4 is on its way as well.
> Any public source/ statement from sony?

No, I just exchanged some e-mails with an SCE guy back in October. He

«As for the PS4, the hardware was designed with IPv6 in mind and they
are planning to enable IPv6 at some point. (It is just a firmware
thing.) Initially we were told that the PS4 would launch with IPv6, but
in the end I think they were just so busy getting all the other stuff
done that they decided to wait on implementing IPv6 on it.  I know that
they are still planning on implementing it, but unfortunately no one
has shared any dates with me.»

Hopefully it'll come soon.


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