IPv6 Dynamic Prefix Problems

Johannes Weber johannes at webernetz.net
Wed Dec 16 10:33:29 CET 2015


Hello ipv6-ops,

what are your experiences with dynamic IPv6 prefixes? Here in Germany,
several ISPs only offer dynamic /56 prefixes that change after a router
reboot. Of course, for "normal" end-users this is not a problem. But for
companies having several remote offices behind such ISP lines, this is a
problem. (And of course, for me as a network guy, too. ;))
I encounter several problems with this type of dynamic prefixes and
summarized them here:

1) Many DNS changes for services behind the dyn prefix (not all devices
are able to update DNS records)
2) Security policies with DynDNS ranges (how to allow a dyn IPv6-range
in other firewall policies?)
3) Routing inside IPv6 VPN tunnels (solved with OSPFv3, but maybe not

I am highly interested in others experience about dynamic prefixes. How
do you solve these problems, e.g., when a company has several remote
offices with dynamic prefixes?


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