Google no longer returning AAAA records?

gboonie gboonie at
Sat Apr 18 09:04:23 CEST 2015

Lorenzo Colitti schreef op 16-4-2015 om 2:57:
> For the avoidance of mystery: Google performs measurements of IPv6 
> connectivity and latency on an ongoing basis. The Google DNS servers 
> do not return AAAA records to DNS resolvers if our measurements 
> indicate that for users of those resolvers, HTTP/HTTPS access to 
> dual-stack Google services is substantially worse than to equivalent 
> IPv4-only services. "Worse" covers both reliability (e.g., failure to 
> load a URL) and latency (e.g., IPv6 is 100ms worse than IPv4 because 
> it goes over an ocean). The resolvers must also have a minimum query 
> volume, which is fairly low.

A free hint to Google to help the industry:

If a network engineer could prove to have control of the DNS in a 
network by adding some record (txt?) that Google would verify, a account 
could be created at google which would provide a list of IPs causing the 

That would help the network team to find the users causing the AAAA 
blacklisting and fix the issue. And that would help Google too. A win win?

Or did I misunderstand something?


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