Google no longer returning AAAA records?

Brian Rak brak at
Wed Apr 15 17:05:52 CEST 2015

We noticed that we're no longer getting AAAA results back for 
when we do queries from a few of our recursive servers (other ones are 

A bit of searching revealed that a few of our servers are listed here 
(there are 4 listed for AS20473, which are the ones I'm referring to)

However, I can't seem to find any information about why we'd be listed 
there, nor can I find anything telling me how to get delisted.

I found an old mailing list post talking about contacting dns-admin@ and 
google-ipv6@, however dns-admin bounces telling me to go to, and google-ipv6@ bounces with 'The group 
google-ipv6@ does not allow posting through email.'

Is anyone here that can help me, or tell me who I should be talking to?

Brian Rak

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