Looking for a Microsoft person who can help w/ v6 and Office365 email

Bill Owens owens.bill at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 02:02:53 CEST 2015

We've been running our Office365 mail account for a few weeks now with IPv6
enabled. We went into this knowing that Microsoft was going to enforce SPF
checks on inbound mail, and we've run into a number of issues with people
sending mail over v6 transport and having bad SPF records (or none). So far
we've been able to resolve all but one of those issues, or are in the
process of doing so; that's not a big deal. The one that won't fix their
record is going to require us to resubscribe to a few mail lists, not the
end of the world.

However, we've discovered that there are sporadic failures even when there
are valid SPF records, and in some cases even when the email enters the
Microsoft 'world' using v4 and transitions to v6 between two Microsoft
servers - at which point the SPF check is applied even though the message
was "accepted" several hops prior, and the check sometimes fails. That's
something we can't fix on our own.

We've been pursuing this through Microsoft support but are not making
progress. The latest response is a recommendation to give up and disable
IPv6 mail. I would really rather not do that, because the next step will be
for me to push as hard as I can for our company to abandon Office365 as a
defective product. I don't think there's anything fundamentally wrong with
requiring SPF for IPv6 mail; I believe this is a bug that ought to be
fixable, if we can just find someone within Microsoft who is willing to
look hard at it. Is there anyone from Microsoft on this list who is willing
to look into this, or any suggestions for someone at Microsoft who could
help encourage the support folks to take it seriously?


PS - After sending this from my work/Office365 I realized that I hadn't
seen any ipv6-ops email in a couple of weeks, and I've come to the
conclusion that it's all being bounced by Microsoft because lists.cluenet.de
doesn't have an SPF record. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that
Mailman has already unsubscribed my work address for excessive bounces. So
I've re-subscribed from my personal Google account in order to have
something that actually works...
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