wake on lan / wol with linux in IPv6-LAN (without IPv4)

Steinar H. Gunderson sesse at google.com
Mon Sep 22 18:57:50 CEST 2014

On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 06:44:11PM +0200, Andrew ?  Yourtchenko wrote:
> The standards' purpose is to facilitate the interoperability.
> "MLD snooping" happens within a single device.

What about the interaction between switches and the machines?
All interoperability is not about inter-switch/-router.

A few things that would be nice to have standardized (and then put into the
BCP document):

  1. Support for IPv4 and IPv6.
  2. Support for working correctly in the presence of PIM
     (I've seen switches get greatly confused by this, and mess up
     the refcounting).
  3. Support for SSM.

> A result of composition of multiple independent correct
> implementations of this function remains the same - "if you join the
> group, you should get the traffic, if you did not, you should not".

I suppose the standard would exist to define what _is_ a correct

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