No 464XLAT in Windows 10?

Gunnar Bøe gunnar.boe at
Thu Oct 23 15:44:46 CEST 2014

I heard a rumour that Windows 10 would support 464XLAT.
It was also encouraging to see 464XLAT enabled in Windows phone 8.1, as
reported earlier on this list.
"464XLAT can be enabled on a per-APN basis.
The IPType parameter described in APN configuration and
CM_CellularEntries configuration service provider now accepts the value

However, when I was finally able to check out Windows 10, I cannot find
any support for 464XLAT in the evaluation copy (build 9841).
Anyone else have any information on 464XLAT support in Windows?

Gunnar Bøe
UNINETT, The Norwegian Research & Education Network 


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