Windows update fails with ISATAP-like addresses

Bernhard Schmidt berni at
Sun Oct 5 15:01:54 CEST 2014

Hi Everyone,
> if anyone within MSFT could contact me on- or off-list about this issue
> I would be very grateful.
> we run a reasonably large on-campus deployment of ISATAP for Windows
> clients in areas where native IPv6 is not possible. This has worked fine
> for years and still is. I'm well aware of all the pros and cons of
> ISATAP and I don't want a religious debate about using tunnels right now.
> A couple of months ago we started hearing about stray Windows update
> issues on Windows 8.1 hosts that had ISATAP connectivity. If the host
> has native IPv6, VPN-tunneled IPv6 or no IPv6 at all it works just fine.
> The issue has now become more prevalent (also with Windows 7) and I had
> the chance to debug this issue. The client displays an error code
> 80072F76 (unknown error)

I'm happy to report that the MSRC (Microsoft Security Response Center) 
followed up on this and Windows Update for ISATAP hosts is fixed since 
at least September 17th. According to them the fix is not final yet, but 
I can confirm that all our issues are resolved.

Best Regards,

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