Some very nice broken IPv6 networks at Google and Akamai (Was: Some very nice IPv6 growth as measured by Google)

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Sun Nov 9 20:03:01 CET 2014

On 2014-11-09 13:12, Tore Anderson wrote:
> * Nick Hilliard
>> On 09/11/2014 11:00, Tore Anderson wrote:
>>> Only if Google and Akamai are universally broken, which does not
>>> seem to have been the case. I tested Google from the RING at 23:20
>>> UTC yesterday:
>> did you do a control run on a known working site?
> No. I feel that 250+ successes vs 10 failures is enough to conclude
> that Akamai and Google are *not* universally broken, far from it.

Testing from colod boxes on well behaved networks (otherwise they would
not know or be part of the RING), while the problem lies with actual
home users is quite a difference.

Also the statement "universally broken" comes from you.

> Thus
> refuting the claim that «Google and Akamai IPv6 are currently broken,
> enabling IPv6 thus breaks connectivity to those sites».

As Google has admitted "fixing" it, you have been proven wrong.

Sorry, no cigar.

Actually, I wonder why you are trying to fight so hard that various
people have reported this problem. You are apparently not working for
either Google or Akamai, you are not an access network, your network is
not involved either; hence... what is your problem with such a statement?


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