Google IPv6 measurements in Europe appear heading down...

Doug Barton dougb at
Thu Nov 6 05:56:48 CET 2014

So far all the conversation I've seen about this has been on the eyeball 
side. Has anyone looked into whether or not the content networks have 
made changes (removing/adding AAAAs for example) that would be 
responsible for the temporary skew?


On 11/5/14 7:23 PM, Kate Lance wrote:
> Hi Éric,
> I'm puzzled, not about the recent decline (and now near-recovery) but at the
> odd 'kick' in the stats on Aug 17, mainly for Europe.
> Compare Belgium and most of the high-IPv6 EU countries (for clarity I left a
> couple out like FR and CH, but they have small kicks as well):
> - with high-IPv6 non-EU (BE left in for comparison):
> The US and Peru show small increments too, but certainly not like the EU countries.
> Looking closely, it appears something increased the measurements in Europe a
> little on 13 Aug, then a lot on 17 Aug.  Erik Taraldsen from Telenor Norway
> said they'd been rolling out v6 since summer - but that sounds more gradual
> than a sudden increment in mid-August. Any ideas ...?
> Regards,
> Kate
> On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 06:03:42PM +0000, Eric Vyncke (evyncke) wrote:
>>     With the link, it is probably better… still need some caffein
>>     [1],
>>     de,us,lu
>>     From: Eric Vyncke <[2]evyncke at>
>>     Date: jeudi 23 octobre 2014 09:38
>>     To: "[3]ipv6-ops at" <[4]ipv6-ops at>
>>     Subject: Google IPv6 measurements in Europe appear heading down...
>>     For a couple of weeks, it seems that Google IPv6 measurements are
>>     heading down mainly for Europe. For example, here is a link to a
>>     presentation of the Google measurements for several European countries
>>     and USA. There is a clear drop in the last days/weeks for European
>>     countries but not for USA.
>>     This includes a big drop for my country (BE) :-O and I have checked
>>     with all Belgian ISP and they have no explanation as for them 'business
>>     as usual'. Apnic also does not show such a big drop.
>>     So, I am guessing either a 'bug' in Google measurements infrastructure
>>     in Europe or could it be that the IPv6 latency to Google has increased
>>     a lot so that Happy Eyeball prefers IPv4? Recent measurement of
>>     dual-stack latency to from several Belgian ISP gave 10%
>>     slower over IPv6.
>>     Any clue will be welcome
>>     -éric
>> References
>>     1.,de,us,lu
>>     2. mailto:evyncke at
>>     3. mailto:ipv6-ops at
>>     4. mailto:ipv6-ops at

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