Some very nice IPv6 growth as measured by Google

Eric Vyncke (evyncke) evyncke at
Mon Nov 3 08:43:07 CET 2014

[As a side note, it seems that the European 'google' statistics are now more in line with the expectation]

Several countries have recently made good progress dixit Google & Apnic (URL are simply a different way of presenting Google data):

  *   US has reached 10%, welcome to the 10%-club
  *   Estonia has a VERY impressive growth approaching 5%:
  *   Other European countries with a recent growth:
     *   Austria:
     *   Czech republic:
     *   Norway:
     *   Greece:
     *   Portugal:

If you are behind those growths, I would love to hear more details: technology  used, issues, …

Congratulations anyway

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