IPv6 Assignment for Server

Jens Link lists at quux.de
Wed Jun 18 09:46:14 CEST 2014

"Eric Vyncke (evyncke)" <evyncke at cisco.com> writes:

> If you have one server per LAN, then it is perfectly OK to use one /
> 64 per server. If you think about that, currently you use a /32 for
> IPv4 address :-) You are currently wasting more space (4 billion
> times more)

I think that depends on what kind of server we are talking about. Almost
any modern dedicated server you can rent today has enough CPU power and
RAM to run virtual server.  So with one /64 per server you have to use
"dirty" tricks to assign IPv6 addresses to a VM. For my server I get a
/48 and assign a /64 to each VM. 

It's always good to have more than one IP per server, this way you run
multiple Servers per IP (e.g. DNS or HTTP). This might get a little
dirty but sometimes it necessary. For internal Server I would go with a
/64 or maybe a /112. With a normal /48 or /32 assignment you should have
enough networks.

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