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Sat Jun 14 19:07:08 CEST 2014

* thomas at (Thomas Schäfer) [Sat 14 Jun 2014, 18:50 CEST]:
>thomas at diener:~> host

>thomas at diener:~> ping6
>unknown host
>thomas at diener
>But sometimes it works.
>Is it an resolver-problem, or is the network not stable, or is it PEBKAC?

This is a problem with Microsoft's loadbalancing nameserver 
implementation, it seems.  They return CNAME when asked for A but no 
CNAME when asked for AAAA.

The chain is as follows: -> ns[1-6] say CNAME for ->
ns*-* respond with empty in case of AAAA and CNAME when queried for A.

You see this working sometimes because if you asked first for A then 
your resolver will know the CNAME and while the TTL of 30 seconds 
hasn't yet expired it will know where to ask for AAAA records (Akamai).

>Can anybody confirm this problem, or suggest a better test?

Talk to Microsoft, their GLSB code is out of spec.  And it will break 
visiting for all dual-stacked hosts, and for everybody else 
in the next 300 seconds, if the cache was empty!

I'm Cc'ing Mehmet who knows something (heh) about DNS and is with 

	-- Niels.

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