Large IPv6 Multicast Domains

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On Thu, Jun 05, 2014 at 09:32:08PM -0400, James Small wrote:
> > If there is no direct connection between the domains, either use some
> > sort of VPN (which you'll likely have anyway) or possibly just a simple
> > GRE or configured 6in4 tunnel.
> Coming from an IPv4 Multicast background, I'm having a hard time accepting that my only Inter-domain RP option is embedded RP.  I understand the issues with MSDP and why it wasn't extended to support IPv6.  However, it still feels like there should be some kind of inter-domain RP communication/synchronization option.  Perhaps I have not fully grokked IPv6 Multicast yet?

Point is, RP synchronization is only necessary if different PIM speakers
have different ideas who "the RP" is.  So your routers talk to your RP,
their routers talk to their RP, and the RPs synchronize with MSDP.

In IPv4, you could configure your routers to use "their RP" for a given
multicast group, and not use MSDP - but nobody does that as it's manual

With the embedded RP, all routers know which is the right (and only) RP for 
a given group, so there is nothing left to synchronize...

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