Question about IPAM tools for v6

Erik Kline ek at
Fri Jan 31 19:45:59 CET 2014

On 31 January 2014 10:22, Templin, Fred L <Fred.L.Templin at> wrote:
>> Not if you route a /64 to each host (the way 3GPP/LTE does for mobiles).  :-)
> A /64 for each mobile is what I would expect. It is then up to the
> mobile to manage the /64 responsibly by either black-holing the
> portions of the /64 it is not using or by assigning the /64 to a
> link other than the service provider wireless access link (and
> then managing the NC appropriately).

<wasn't specifically directed at anyone>

Yep.  My point, though, was that we can do the same kind of thing in
the datacenter.

<dangerously philosophical>

In general, I think ND exhaustion is one of those "solve it at Layer
3" situations, since we have the bits to do so.

IPv6 gives us a large enough space to see new problems of scale, and
sometimes the large enough space can be used to solve these problems
too, albeit with non-IPv4 thinking.

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