Question about IPAM tools for v6

Fernando Gont fernando at
Fri Jan 31 16:06:54 CET 2014

On 01/31/2014 09:33 AM, Mohacsi Janos wrote:
>> On 29/01/2014 22:19, Cricket Liu wrote:
>>> Consensus around here is that we support DHCPv6 for non-/64 subnets
>>> (particularly in the context of Prefix Delegation), but the immediate
>>> next question is "Why would you need that?"
>> /64 netmask opens up nd cache exhaustion as a DoS vector.
> ND cache size Should be limited by HW/SW vendors - limiting number
> entries ND cache entries per MAC adresss, limiting number of outstanding
> ND requests etc.


Don't blame the subnet size for sloppy implementations.

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