IPv6 default route via Router Advertisement op Juniper SRX240

Fraser McGlinn fraser at frizianz.com
Mon Jan 27 05:23:43 CET 2014

Hi There,

Not sure if this is going to be any use or not, but starting in 12.1X 
Code trains there is much greater support for IPv6 Prefix Delegation and 
Neighbour advertisements as a client.

I'm not sure what the configuration would look like for this, but you'd 
most likely have better luck on these code releases - However some 
people on AusNOG have identified some memory leak issues with IPv6 
processes on these code releases, so maybe something to be aware of.



On 25/01/14 04:17, Jan Hugo Prins wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently trying to integrate a Juniper SRX240 cluster into my IPv6
> network.
> I use IPv6 router advertisements to tell the servers and clients where
> to find the default gateway and I want to do the same to tell the
> Juniper where to find the gateway. Can someone tell me how to configure
> the SRX240 to use a received router advertisement to set it's default route?
> Juniper SRX240
> Model: srx240h2
> JUNOS Software Release [11.4R9.4]
> Thanks,
> Jan Hugo Prins

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