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Hi Bjorn,

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> "Templin, Fred L" <Fred.L.Templin at boeing.com> writes:
> >    Concerns for
> >    operational issues with both IPv4 and IPv6 Path MTU Discovery point
> >    to the possibility of MTU-related black holes when a packet is
> >    dropped due to an MTU restriction.
> So the "fix" is to just let PMTUD die for IPv6 too?  Or should blackholing
> anyone dropping ICMPv6 Packet Too Big errors be considered a feature
> instead?

No; not let it die. But rather, let the network be an *advisory*
source of PMTU information and let the end systems themselves be
the *authoritative* source.

> Forget about "World IPv6 Day".  We need a "World Path MTU Day", where
> everyone running a public service of some kind lowers the MTU on links
> leading to their servers to a random number between 1280 and 1500.

No, we want to get at least 1500 everywhere. And, allow for larger
sizes when they are available.

Thanks - Fred
fred.l.templin at boeing.com
> Bjørn

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