IPV6_RECVPKTINFO not working for IPv4-mapped addresses on Linux?

Benedikt Stockebrand bs at stepladder-it.com
Fri Jan 24 14:04:25 CET 2014

Hi Francis and list,

Francis Dupont <Francis.Dupont at fdupont.fr> writes:

> => BIND polls from time to time interfaces to bind() to new addresses
> (again, there is no standard/portable way to be notified. BTW we (ISC)
> know this is a point which can be improved so if you know a generic
> simple solution...)

the first thing I'd do is to put this in a separate module; next,
whenever available listen to a routing socket, and only use polling as a

It isn't exactly simple, but it is generic (for sufficiently broad
definitions of "generic").



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