Reaching using Chrome

Sammer Mati matisami at
Mon Jan 13 19:02:12 CET 2014

Not sure if this was discussed before or not, but I am seeing a strange
behavior when I try to reach (and also from a
Windows 2008 R2 VM that has dual-stack connectivity, it is taking about 300
seconds to load Facebook will load faster, but if I log on to
it; it wont show my facebook page.

Here is the other strange thing: if I use Internet Explorer with google.comor there is no problem whatsoever.

If I want to reach IPv6 only pages like [2600::] or IPv4 only pages like then there is no problem using either Chrome or IE. So the problem
is only with dual-stacked pages when using Chrome.

We ran wireshark and found out that the IPv6 address is different for when using IE or Chrome! I haven't tested yet with Windows7
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