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I suggest using Microsoft Network Monitor
( to identify
the processing sending out that traffic.


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my google-fu is failing me, but maybe one of you knows.

After some troubleshooting around a Juniper SSG cluster today, we found
that a windows server on the trust side of the SSG cluster is emitting
UDP packets towards

  ff08::2.8083  (UDP, payload length 21)

ff08::2 = "all routers, organization-scoped"

These packets are sent about every 61 minutes, and caused some interesting
issues here as the *passive* SSG leaked them out towards the router, leading
to "the NSRP MAC address showing up on the wrong switch port", causing short

But that's not what I'm wondering about - I'm more curious about that
sort of packet - what is that?  What is it used for?  Which process is
emitting it, and what is it trying to achieve?

Gert Doering
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have you enabled IPv6 on something today...?

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