Poll on SMTP over IPv6 Usage

Weber, Markus fvd at de.kpn-eurorings.net
Fri Feb 14 10:07:39 CET 2014

A) postfix on Solaris

In the user environment we introduced later Exchange 2010 (on Windows, what
a surprise ;-).

But we have v4 hubs in between as neither our "great IPv6 supporting" firewall
with content AV scanning nor commercial "AV/SPAM" filtering appliances / SW
products (at least not the ones we aimed for at that time) did support IPv6
years ago ... we tried to get some vendors moving or tried to participate in
their beta programs, but gave up after a while (at the end our IT is pretty
small and as our big mother didn't uses IPv6 internally at all, we had not the
power to push harder).
Since then nothing changed the basic setup beside the usual updates (or left
alone as it is) ... even though at least one of the deployed appliances boxes
finally does support IPv6 since one+ (or even more) years).


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