So, time for some real action?

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Thu Feb 6 18:00:21 CET 2014

> If I understand the proposal correctly, the idea is that individuals will disable IPv4 for a day, on their own personal equipment or workstations.
> If so:
> 1. That *might* be useful, but it's unclear to me why having a "day" for this is helpful; the purpose of IPv6 day #1 and #2 was to coordinate the enabling for people who *didn't* opt in, so that any impact would have an obvious cause. If an individual wants to do this, they can do it at any time and see the effects.
> 2. The wording needs to be improved, drastically. It has a very care-free tone to it, which is not helpful to the overall efforts.
> IMHO effort at this point would be best directed to the large, holdout broadband providers in countries with low uptake (e.g. BT in the UK).

Full ACK.

I also see the relevance of world launch events, but I strongly doubt that world IPv4 stop would have any impact (other than us IT guys being seen as looking for an excuse for a day off).
Say I have an hybrid car. What is the relevance of deciding, on a given day, not to use the fuel engine? (or to go through the trouble of pumping the fuel out of the car).


Stéphane Dodeller

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