So, time for some real action?

Dick Visser visser at
Thu Feb 6 15:51:19 CET 2014

​I fully support this idea. But I'm in doubt what to actually do on 6 June.
There isn't much benefit in turning off IPv4 on client devices in our
office, because we already have a good idea what will work and what won't.
Turning off IPv4 on all internet facing services would be better, because
it will point out any IPv6 connectivity problems that visitors have.
In that case, I can go about this in several ways.
Doing it through (low TTL + removal of A records) gives you less control
over things.
If you block IPv4 access at the service level (filtering/ACLs), then it's
easier to restore things.

Maybe some intermediate solution, such as serving up an explanation page to
IPv4 users?

Other ideas?

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