Something with filters

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Thu Aug 28 08:25:15 CEST 2014

On 2014-08-28 07:57, Tassos Chatzithomaoglou wrote:
> Jen had presented some similar stats a year ago.

These kind of issues have been demonstrated for as long as IPv6 has
existed, and people have been complaining to their account managers and
technical contacts too.

Vendors just do not see what the problem is it seems...

On 2014-08-28 07:46, Lorenzo Colitti wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 9:01 AM, Jeroen Massar <jeroen at
> <mailto:jeroen at>> wrote:
>      9  2001:5a0:a00::2e (2001:5a0:a00::2e)  79.018 ms  79.910 ms
79.960 ms
>     10  :: (::)  101.893 ms  102.004 ms  103.574 ms
>     11 <>
>     (::ffff:  104.732 ms
>     Yeah baby, we can use the unspecified address in ICMP replies!
> The mapped IPv4 address in there is pretty cool, too...

Wow, I honestly had not even noticed that one; but indeed, another one
that never should exist on the wire. At least for that one we can easily
point at XO. Likely they are the problem for hop 10 too.
Lets see if we can get them to resolve that mess...

(even though I rather had proper source filtering installed worldwide...)


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