why don't we start an ipv6 smtp server whitelist?

emilio brambilla emilio at ngi.it
Mon Aug 25 11:52:23 CEST 2014


it's a silly and broken idea, but I'd like to brainstorm it on the list 
to see if it may be improved or aborted.

1) ipv6 is only little deployed on smtp server (compared to ipv4) and 
postamasters runnning ipv6 on their server are usually less passive than 
ipv4-only postamster introducing new features.

2) we need to do many magic to make (ipv6) smtp delivery works 
(configure PTR, spk, dkim, dmarc, reputation and also follow the big 
mail providers guidelines)

3) spam is a problem

..so, why don't spamhaus or some other well-known email related 
community don't start an ipv6 mail servers whitelist trying to take 
onboard gmail, yahoo, aol, microsoft, and other big mail provider?

for postmasters it will be only one more little work to do (subscribe 
MTAs to the whitelist), but it will also help them having servers with a 
better score on antispams and it will push the ipv6 deployment (if my 
servers has ipv6 I may be whitelisted and have a better score, so I have 
a plus running ipv6)

ok, now write me all the bugs in this idea :)

emilio brambilla

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