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On Tue, Sep 03, 2013 at 01:06:56PM +0200, Bjørn Mork wrote:
> I have played with the idea of implementing some sort of selv service
> for the end users, allowing them to either have their prefix delegated
> or to add a few simple *static* PTR records for specific addresses. I do
> not see any sort of dynamic DNS solution as part of this.  The only real
> use case AFAICS, is where the end user want to run a server with proper
> reverse mapping.  That means that the end user should select a static
> address first.  If they choose delegation, then they would of course be
> free to implement their own dynamic DNS.
> Simple to do, but realistically there isn't going to be much demand for
> it. So it will probably just remain a thought.
> I don't think blind delegation to pre:fix::53 is wise. You will end up
> mith most of these being lame.  I am pretty sure I will end up with lots
> of lame delegations too, if I let users choose to delegate without
> verifying that the server they delegate to answers.
> But you could problably probe a fixed address, like pre:fix::53, and
> delegate iff there is a name server there, answering authoritatively for
> the reverse of that prefix.  That would also be pretty simple to do.

You'll need some standard for this obviously - But for me i build office
networks with DHCP + DDNS from the DHCP Server. So the client transmits
its name to the DHCP Server and voila - your name ends in the DNS as
forward and backward DNS. 

Transferred to the IPv6 - We as an ISP would delegate the prefix to the
CPE/residential gateway which would act as a authoritative Nameserver
for the address space and clients could register their names in the
residential gateway. Everything in the hand of the customer - no need
to deal with selfcare portals etc ...

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