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> I think it's really different. Having more services or more customers on
>  a single IPv4 address is a "workaround" to eliminate the need of
> multiple (now rare) addresses, while more customers on a /64, each one
> with it's own IPv6, is common and can even be considered a "best practice".

I think you'll find that many reputation systems work on a per-/64 basis.
This is because:

1. In residential networks, a user has more than a /64.
2. Due to the way SLAAC works, having multiple clients share the same /64
without being able to assume each other's IPv6 addresses is non-trivial. So
one client on a /64 is often able to assume any address on that /64.

In a server environment where you control the OS and networking of course
you can give individual users one /128 each, but why would you want to do
this? Why not give each user a /64 so they can use all the addresses they
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