<rant> Re: Over-utilisation of v6 neighbour slots

Andrew Yourtchenko ayourtch at gmail.com
Fri Oct 25 16:50:44 CEST 2013

hi Benedikt,

I've tweaked the subject, so the folks can filter it out if needed,
given that the discussion is way above L4 :-)

On 10/25/13, Benedikt Stockebrand <bs at stepladder-it.com> wrote:
> Hi Andrew and list,
> Andrew Yourtchenko <ayourtch at gmail.com> writes:
>> <rant>
> ok, I'll bite:
>> I presume that those who want ultimate privacy have inspected
>> their browsers to not do evercookies[1],
> Yuck.  Good thing only the Internet thing needs this, not e-mail.  Oh,
> wait...
> Anyway, there are things on the Internet beyond HTTP/s and HTML...

True. FTP active mode. It's immortal. :-)

>> removed any features in their browsers identifying them via the
>> fingerprint,
> Actually, there *are* people doing this...
> However, pointing at somebody else screwing up as badly as oneself
> doesn't help any.  With IPv6 we've had a rare occasion to deal with this
> problem properly at the network layer; if anybody tries to replace the
> HTTP/s and HTML combo with some new design, I sure hope they will
> address their side of the problem, too, so the problem might be solved
> there in as little as 20+ years...

The problem  I think did not really exist at the time IPv6 was defined - so
it is not fair to say we "have had" an occasion. And now it is

>> and ensured that the call-home feature of their favourite operating
>> system and the apps is deactivated,
> Same issue, only worse.  Within the IETF/W3C and similar, there's some
> sort of chance that they at least understand the issues involved here.
> Chances are getting slimmer with OS vendors, worse with browser
> developers/vendors, and next to null (for \epsilon < 0) with apps
> developers/vendors.


>> as well as taking care that they manually reconfigure the
>> new mac address on each new connection. </rant>
> Come on, you know that this is unfair.  The MAC address is only visible
> on-link (except through EUI64-based IIDs), so the damage here is
> severely restricted, especially in an environment that is seriously
> subnetted.

Yes, this one I did throw in for good measure, but only partially.
Because the MAC address
is logged, in a general case. Where it is sent is something I do not
know and do not want to know, to maintain the quality of my sleep :-)

> If we wanted to do this properly, why not switch from Ethernet to PPPoE
> all the way---

This has triggered my fantasy to go far and wild enough that even I
considered that the result does not belong to a mail on the technical
list, so I instead edited it into a little fiction piece, which I hope
you might find entertaining:




> Cheers,
>     Benedikt
> PS: Sarcasm markup left as an exercise to the so inclined reader.
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