Microsoft: Give Xbox One users IPv6 connectivity

Tore Anderson tore at
Thu Oct 10 08:18:23 CEST 2013

* John Mann

> ---
> Even for users that *do have native IPv6 – Teredo will be used to
> interact with IPv4-only peers*, or in cases where IPv6 connectivity
> between peers is not functioning. In general, Xbox One will dynamically
> assess and use the best available connectivity method (Native IPv6,
> Teredo, and even IPv4). The implementation is similar in sprit to RFC
> 6555 <>. 
> For that reason, it is important for all interested network operators to
> understand Teredo operating requirements. Xbox One *does not support
> operating on an IPv6-only* network because of the need to reliably
> interoperate with nodes on IPv4-only networks.
> ---

Perhaps you can fill in some details here, Chris...

Q1) Does the above requirement for IPv4 only apply for multiplayer/p2p?
In other words: Will the XB1 be able to connect to an IPv6-only [W]LAN
and allow the user to play single-player games while unlocking
achievements, downloading software updates, streaming Netflix, etc.?

Q2) If yes to Q1, will the presence of a NAT64+DNS64 style CGN allow
Teredo to work and thus enable multiplayer/p2p with IPv4-only peers?


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