Windows 7 / IPv6 on PPP Adapter

Tore Anderson tore at
Fri Jul 19 13:31:48 CEST 2013

* Liviu Pislaru

> since there's no opinion about this issue here's my viewpoint:
> i think this isn't an RFC 5072 compliant implementation and Microsoft
> should fix that on Windows 7.

Hi Liviu,

I'm not intimately familiar with PPP on Win7, but what you describe
sounds broken to me. I'd suggest getting in touch with Chris Palmer
about this, he's with Microsoft(you'll find his e-mail address in the
list archives).

For what it's worth, if you're using IPv6 over 3GPP mobile broadband,
you get an entire /64 to play with - not only the single interface
identifier assigned by the network using PCO (which is bridged into
IPV6CP when using PPP). The only requirement is that you use the
network-provided interface identifier when constructing the link-local
address - no such restriction is placed on the choice of global address.
464XLAT is one example of a technology that uses more than 1 address
from the assigned /64, so the behaviour you describe would make it
impossible to implement 464XLAT on Win7 for users using 3G dongles in
PPP mode.


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