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Wed Jul 17 16:45:58 CEST 2013

Enno Rey <erey at ernw.de> writes:


> There's quite some debate which approach to use due to operational
> practices and MS telling people "not to 'fully' disable IPv6 as you
> might lose support for $SYSTEM". 

I'm still looking for a source too. Rumors have it that the Windows 7
roll out here (large enterprise customer) will be with IPv6 disabled. I
guess that why they hired me to do the IPv6 planing (on the network

Disabling IPv6 will lead to some problems: 


(DNS Server service randomly cannot resolve external names and returns a
"Server Failure" error if IPv6 is disabled in Windows Server 2008 and
Windows Server 2008 R2)

This is an actual problem for a customer where I helped implementing
IPv6 last year. They dont use Windows but they are running a large dual
stacked website. 

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