Dual stack statistics?

Tassos Chatzithomaoglou achatz at forthnetgroup.gr
Wed Feb 27 21:56:17 CET 2013

I had a quick look at this month's accounting data from a bras (around 4k dual-stack users) and here are some more numbers:

IPv4/IPv6 upload: 98%/2%
IPv4/IPv6 download: 93%/7%

Supposing the acct records are right (we've hit quite a few bugs on radius ipv6 attrib records), i find this quite low...


Brian E Carpenter wrote on 28/01/2013 10:11:
> I was just wondering if anyone has collected statistics on how much
> IPv6 traffic a typical dual stack user sees in practice.
> Maybe there's a way to crowdsource some data.
> If I run netstat -s (on Windows 7) I see that 15 to 20%
> of my inbound packets are IPv6, for example.
>    Brian

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