Virtualbox + IPv6

Bernhard Schmidt berni at
Fri Feb 15 16:00:30 CET 2013

Hello Matthew,

> As I'm dealing with a possible VMWare rollout, do you have any details? Was it the e1000, VXNET2, or VXNET3 driver? And what
> OS/version?

We have e1000 and vmxnet3 in Debian Squeeze, Debian Wheezy and SLES9-11, 
no problems in that regard whatsoever. As far as I know this also 
depends on the NICs built into the host as well as the vSwitch. I.e. I 
had IPv6 TSO issues on a VMware 5.0 with Nexus 1000V using VXLAN, while 
the same hardware works nice with VLANs or the standard VMware switch.



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