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Thu Feb 14 21:09:01 CET 2013

On 14. feb. 2013 17:35, David Magda wrote:
> Perhaps I'm overly
> paranoid, but I'm enough databases already that I don't feel the need to
> help marketers do their jobs.

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From: Andre Tomt <andre at>

Don't worry - they have far better and easier ways of tracking you. They 
probably do not even want to bother with IP addresses as it is nowhere 
near a reliable eyeball-identifier compared to the alternatives :-)


Write a script to delete and then recreate a user and run it daily from your crontab.
Set the browser to deny cookies or "ask every time".
Use multiple ISPs so you come from different prefixes.
Make sure to clear your flash cookies, too

Did I miss anything?  ;-)

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