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> Since you use today's NATed IPv4 world as an example, here's an example
> from that world of apps that don't bend over backwards to work everywhere:
> AFAIK Skype (arguably the app with the best workaround) doesn't work behind
> networks that don't allow TCP or UDP connections to the outside world but
> only use HTTP proxies. Technically, it could probably be made to work
> behind an HTTP proxy by implementing tunneling over HTTP, but it doesn't.

Perhaps am I reading this backwards, but I've set up Skype for someone
using such a network, and it was like:
"set http proxy"; "Ok"; "call Amy"; "Hey, Amy, this is Jenny!!".

I don't remember if auto-detection of the proxy worked out of the box,
nor whether Skype was using CONNECT or regular HTTP, but downloading
a .pac file and parsing it seems rather trivial.

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