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>> Maybe dhcpy6d from may help here. Beside
>> being capable of handling MAC addresses in local network segements it
>> allows to deliver multiple addresses to clients. Still in development so
>> any feedback is appreciated.
> As you mentioned off-list to me, your testing found that most DHCPv6 clients don't cope with multiple prefixes. (The exception being Windows 7 and above.)
This is the result of my testing. Seems like client misbehavior, but I 
would like to see if it was really a client or a server problem. The 
latter is hard to compare as I did not found another multiple addresses 
capable server.

> So if I want privacy-based addresses, it appears like it's an all or nothing affair for multiple prefixes in a heterogenous environment.
dhcpy6d allows to deliver randomized addresses to clients, regardless 
of their SLAAC privacy extensions settings.  You also can define 
different classes with different amounts of addresses, maybe this helps 
to model your environment.

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