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Sun Feb 10 07:13:30 CET 2013

On 2013-02-10, at 15:56, Jima <jima at> wrote:

> On 2013-02-09 12:52, Tore Anderson wrote:
>> * David Magda
>>> From what I could find, there aren't any RA options to specify
>>> whether privacy options should be used on a per prefix basis. You'd
>>> have to use DHCPv6, with IA_TA for privacy-desired prefixes, and
>>> IA_NA for the ULA prefixes. (Of course ISC DHCPd doesn't support
>>> sending out multiple prefixes as of the current 4.2.x series.)
>> The DHCPv6 protocol itself does not have support handing out prefixes.
>> It can only hand out individual addresses (in other words /128s). If you
>> want your hosts to have routes to an on-link prefix, the only way to do
>> it is to advertise that prefix in RAs with the L flag set.
> Err.  What about DHCPv6-PD?  (Hint: The "PD" stands for "Prefix Delegation.")
>     Jima

DHCPv6-PD is the mechanism for _receiving_ a prefix to delegate to other segments. Commonly configured on the WAN port of a gateway to receive a customer prefix (/48, /56, etc.) to then provision /64s on its LAN segments. How addresses within this prefix are subsequently allocated is beyond the scope of DHCPv6-PD, and falls back to either DHCPv6, SLAAC, etc.


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