Teamviewer, literals?

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Fri Feb 1 12:34:38 CET 2013

On 30 January 2013 20:36, Ted Mittelstaedt <tedm at> wrote:

> We use teamviewer but the way I understand that it works is it
> phones home to the teamviewer server, and the remote user's copy
> of it phones home to the teamviewer server, and the teamviewer server
> then does the magic to connect the 2 phones together.
> Thus couldn't you just allow outbound access to the teamviewer server
> and be done with it?

That's what I tried. There are many servers that can be grouped together by
hostname. But there are many servers that are using literal IP adresses,
which cannot be grouped together easily.
Other than iterating through their potentially thousands of servers, doing
a reverse lookup, and adding that to a whitelist. Or by basically allowing
the whole internet.
Both options are, well, no option.

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