l.yimg.com (Yahoo!) over IPv6

Phil Pennock ipv6-ops+phil at spodhuis.org
Mon Aug 19 18:34:23 CEST 2013

How widespread is it for people here to be unable to retrieve resources
from l.yimg.com over IPv6?

My telnet connections to all resolved addresses succeed, but the actual
resources being requested never come back.

A self-referential example, here's someone asking about the problems
trying to connect (they don't mention IPv6, nor did any other examples
when I first checked a few days ago):


For me, that page will only load in a browser which has IPv6
force-disabled.  Any other browser, it hangs, never displaying content,
even after waiting for several minutes, which leads me to wonder if
the Chrome and Firefox algorithms for Happy Eyeballs are not handling
"connects, takes request, does not reply".

Problems with hanging requests to this hostname seem to be common in
search results; I only recall noticing problems starting towards the end
of last week, but I'm not really much of a Yahoo! user, I just see pages
via search results.

Since it's ongoing, I figure it's worth a straw-poll here.


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