Fwd: Amount of announced IPv4-space by ASN not announcing IPv6?

Валерий Солдатов v.soldatov at best-telecom.ru
Tue Aug 13 09:45:32 CEST 2013

today I see ~ 13,570 IPv6 routes in BGP table.
Assuming that most of AS'es announce only 1 IPv6 prefix, and estimating no. of AS is 63,300 now, I estimate that 21% of AS announce IPv6-routes. Is it correct?

Valeriy Soldatov, Best Telecom ISP, Moscow, Russia.

For 1 Aug 2013 I found that about 70% of IPv4 address space is announced
by ASNs which also announce IPv6 address space.
Short RIPE Labs article about it:

Emile Aben

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