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Sun Oct 21 18:17:35 CEST 2012

Hi Antonio,

Here is some related material:

Internet Pollution Studies in IPv4:

- 1/8 Pollution NANOG Presentation:

- Follow on: NANOG Presentation:

- IMC Paper on Internet Pollution:

A recent workshop on the topic:

Internet Pollution in IPv6:

- Geoff Hustons work on IPv6 darknets:

- Details of APNICs experiment with announcing their IPv6 cover /12 route as well as analysis of results:

This particular effort is an attempt to replicate the work performed by Geoff Huston at APNIC for different regions in order to understand any regional 
variations that might exist.  
In general we collect all un-wanted traffic in the darknet of our experiment.  Our general experiment architecture is shown here:
Results from our analysis are presented back into the Internet operations community along with any recommendations that might emerge.  Data collected is shared
with researchers at the RIRs for their own analysis.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.


On Oct 21, 2012, at 6:21 AM, Antonio Prado wrote:

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> Il 20/10/12 21:58, Manish Karir ha scritto:
>> Hi Antonio,
>> Yes. Merit is in the process of running a large IPv6 darknet experiment. Our goal is to announce every allocated /12 (1 from each RIR) first sequentially and then together. We conducted a 1hr test announcement on wed and to the best of knowledge we did not break anything. 
>> These announcements will each last 1 week each starting Nov 1. 
>> Your more specific announcements in BGP should still get all your data correctly routed to you. However if you have noticed any strange behavior please let us know. 
>> Thanks. 
>> -manish
> Manish,
> thanks for your kind reply.
> Maybe I missed some announcement e-mail here.
> Is there any document to read about that "large IPv6 darknet experiment"
> you at Merit are going to run in accordance also with RIPE NCC?
> (I'm aware of what Geoff Juston made at APINIC in June 2010 with
> 2400::/12
> I was wondering if any consensus is needed before starting such a big
> thing that involves IPv6 production networks as well.
> I mean: when my route6 is not announced via BGP, it's supposed that
> every packet sent to it doesn't get anywhere, hopefully. OTOH, if during
> this experiment, for any reason (wanted or not), my prefix is no more
> announced, I'm afraid the /12 would attract (perhaps hijack?) those
> packets (actually breaking, I believe, any existent ROA for the prefix).
> So, just asking: what kind of packets are going to be collected and how
> stored, analysed and by whom?
> Thank you
> --
> antonio
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>> Subject: route6: 2A00::/12
>> Hello,
>> just saw a new entry in RADB for 2A00::/12 and was wondering if could be
>> a fat-finger issue as our IPv6 prefix (a /29) actually belongs to that /12.
>> route6: 2A00::/12
>> descr: MERIT Network Inc.
>> 1000 Oakbrook Drive, Suite 200
>> Ann Arbor
>> MI 48104, USA
>> origin: AS237
>> mnt-by: MAINT-AS237
>> remarks: This announcement is part of an RIPE approved
>> experiment. For additional information please
>> send email to mkarir at
>> source: RADB
>> changed: ljb at 20121017
>> Anyone aware of this experiment?
>> Thank you
>> --
>> antonio

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