IPv6 Ignorance

Julien Goodwin jgoodwin at studio442.com.au
Sat Oct 6 17:08:02 CEST 2012

On 06/10/12 20:38, Nick Hilliard wrote:
> Unless they're early model alcatel speedtouchs.  When the earth explodes in
> 5 billion years, there will be speedtouch modems ejected in the debris
> blast, and they will be fully functional.  Those and the cisco 6500s:
> almost completely indestructible.

Ascend Max TNT, anything "Cisco 2XXX", the early Linksys WRT54G's...

The two big wins with ADSL kit is that the copper lines cause some
damage or at least wear on kit from load, and that fibre (sometimes with
VDSL tails) is making it obsolete. At least ADSL1 is pretty much
obsolete in the civilised world.

This is the situation we have here in Australia, hopefully as FTTH rolls
out all the major ISP's will be ensuring that all the CPE they ship is
v6 ready day one.

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