IPv6 Firewall on CPEs - Default on or off

Jean-Francois.TremblayING at videotron.com Jean-Francois.TremblayING at videotron.com
Tue Nov 27 16:27:23 CET 2012

> However, our marketing guys have now started to question whether the
> IPv6 firewall function should be on or off by default. I know there 
> are as many opinions as people on this list, but I am looking for 
> arguments from both camps.

Coming late in the discussion, another data point from an ISP running 6RD 
multi-domain for a year and a half now. 

The CPEs we provide with 6RD capability all have an IPv6 firewall on by 

User expectations and corporate responsibility won over the open-ended 
model (it wasn't much of a fight actually). 


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